• Nachoguitar early 60s style Spanish solid-body guitar «Whiteguard» with HB neck pickup.
  • Serial number 38003 on neck plate.
  • Early 60s style indian rosewood slab board neck with clay dots.

  • Description:
  • Nachoguitar serial 38003 .
  • Early 60s style Spanish solid body Whiteguard.
  • Body date is TG 10/30/51. Neck date is 2/60.
  • Maple neck with darkened indian rosewood slab board, clay dots, 9.5” fret board radius with Medium 95/47 frets, early 1960s style medium C profile neck, very comfortable to play and easy for string bending.
  • Neck Dimensions are 0.85″/0.94″ depth at 1/12 fret; 1.69″/2.01″ width at 1/12 fret.
  • This neck has a very authentic vintage feel and a very comfortable grip.
  • Very lightweight example at 3.33 Kg / 7 Pounds 5 Oz.
  • Early 60s Standard style bridge with grooved steel saddles, serial number 38003 stamped on neck plate.
  • Aged Blonde nitro lacquer finish on ash body with plenty of dings and wear marks mostly around the edges. Playing wear is present on back of neck and rosewood fretboard has darkened with age.
  • Early 60s style hardware and vintage early 1960s style Nacho bridge pickup and 1959 style neck HB.
  • Neck HB pickup reads 7.79k ohms. Bridge pickup reads 7.64k ohms.
  • Electronic configuration includes the standard post-67 scheme, with neck pu alone at both pickups in paralell in the middle position and bridge pickup alone at back incorporating tone control in all three positions.
  • The guitar comes with a white plastic pickguard which has been cut and aged to early 1960s standards.
  • It comes with a rectangular tweed late 50s style hard case (not aged).
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Look, feel and tone of the early solidbody electric guitars from the 1950s.

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