NAFs (Nacho Applied For) Humbuckers

NAFs (Nacho Applied For) Humbuckers

Through the last few months, we have been sharing the excitement of the sound tests we have been making with the new Nachobursts and NachoGTs conversions.

We are finally ready and happy to present to you the new NAFs (Nacho Applied For) Humbuckers.

These will be the heart and soul of our Les Paul conversions.

Yes folks, God also lives in the details of our new Nachobursts and NachoGTs conversions.

Vintage correct Tuneomatic bridges and tailpieces, zinc plated brass thumbwheels, posts and saddles, correct spec 58-60 pickguards, poker chips, jack plates…

For God sake we have even invested in a new injection mould to produce our own version of the CAB pickup rings!

We also love wood carving and this has been a real challenge.

Thankfully, our main luthiers at the Nachoguitar factory cut their teeth in Cremona, shaping violins and cellos throughout their formative years.

Having a bunch of real genuine Holy grail 58-60 Les Paul examples handy for reference does not hurt either!

Yes, we are firmly believers of the hands-on experience approach.

Stay tuned for more details on the NachoBurst and NachoGT project release this summer…

In case you haven’t already, please email us to if you would like to receive more information and be included in the Nachoburst VIP list for this first batch.

We always love to hear from you!

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